Note: Many of these products are available in local brick-and-mortar stores.
Often vendors will collect your order over the Internet and ship it to the store or fill it from in-store inventory. Your order will be prepared for you to pick up. You will usually be notified when your order is ready at the store. This saves you a lot of effort walking through long aisles in big-box stores.

Bath Safety
Be sure that the lighting is adequate in the bathroom. Remove any unnecessary clutter.

Nothing is important enough to risk a fall while bathing. Don’t do anything suddenly. I try to plan ahead for almost any contingency. Sudden, off-balance moves can result in a disaster, especially on a wet surface.

Always try to have your weight perpendicular to your foot when stepping into the tub, even when using a grab bar. Pulling yourself into the tub before you have established a firm footing can cause the bath mat to become dislodged, resulting in any number of potential disasters for you.

You will find the disabled bathing tools and aids shown below to be very useful, if not totally necessary!

Bath Mat – An adequate bath mat in the tub or shower is a piece of essential safety equipment. Be sure that the mat has an adequate number of suction cups and adheres safely to the tub. When entering the tub, place your foot so that is flat (ball of the foot and heel flat on the mat) and your weight is perpendicular to it. Do not try to pull yourself into the tub when your foot is at an angle on the mat. The bathmat could become dislodged, causing you to slip or fall.

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